Finding time to relax with your tablet or eReader
can leave you struggling to balance it all.
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The Solution
The branch tablet and eReader holder helps
bring harmony and balance into your life
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Watch. Read. Work
The branch provides the perfect
companion stand for any situation
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Safe and Secure
Branch works with a range of tablets
and keeps it held securely
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Elegant & Compact
The branch easily and neatly
folds away when not in use. 
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Introducing branch

  • The branch - Easy to Fit, Easy to Use
  • Branch Innovation Commercial
  • Branch Innovation Commercial

Our innovative bed base slides securely under your mattress to allow hands free tablet viewing from the comfort of your own bed. When not in use, Branch has been engineered to fold neatly down by the side of the bed, out of sight and out of the way.

  • Branch Innovation Commercial

    Adjustable arm

    With the branch's adjustable arm you can watch your tablet or read your ebook in any position and any angle.

  • Branch Innovation Commercial

    Multi-tablet compatibility

    The branch is compatible with a huge range of popular tablets and eReaders, such as the iPad, Amazon Kindle, Samsung Galaxy Tab and many more.

  • Compact and Portable Design

    Fully portable

    The branch easily and conveniently folds away into the carry case provided. Where ever you go there will always be room for your branch.

Widely Compatible

The branch is compatible with a huge range of tablets and ebook readers making it the perfect gift for all the family.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

iPad Air

iPad Pro 9.7

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Fire HD

Kickstarter Funded

Proudly funded by a successful Kickstarter Campaign

When we first let people take a look at the branch we received amazing feedback. This level of response in our innovative high quality product enabled us to get crowd funding via Kickstarter. We have been immensely humbled by the interest and support of our backers and can’t wait for many more people to try and fall in love with the branch.